Contractor Alliance

Contractor Alliance

At Cement Shine, we feel vendors should support their clients. Not just talk about it but have real benefits. These vendor/client partnerships require mutual benefit. We need to move the industry from vendors receiving the majority of benefits to creating value and being a resource to the client.

We understand that sometimes having someone that’s been down this road, is good to consult with the daily challenges of lead generation and running a business in hopes to meet the bottom line. 

This is not a business coaching scheme where you are hiring a coach that holds you accountable. This is more of assessing your challenging areas of concern and creating suggestions to help.

Our Contractor Alliance mission of support is simple:

Save contractors’ time, Save them money, and create effortless ways to help them profit. We strive to identify their needs and create strength through the adoption of Polish Contractor best practices. We want to provide you with a path or blueprint to take you from whatever stage you are at to the next. We want you to take this at your own pace and build the infrastructure necessary to get you to the next stage.

For those that qualify for membership to the program:

  • Discount code on all products (you shouldn’t be paying retail)
  • Commissions from floor cleaner from your clients every time past, present, future clients clean their floor
  • Free business assessment
  • Access to our newsletter hacks to help you

Creating a real synergistic partnership with our contractors is our goal.


  • You must be a small to medium Polished Concrete Contractor business owner
  • Complete survey
  • You have to comply with our ethics standards
  • Affiliate partner program (5min) to receive commissions & member savings code.


For more information call us today 866-349-4405, ask to speak to someone to someone on our Contractor Alliance team for more details. Or go to our contact page